11,139.46 TRY BIST 100 BIST 100
42.13 TRY Interest Interest
84.64 USD Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
29.51 USD Silver Silver
4.27 USD Copper Copper
105.04 USD Iron Ore Iron Ore
382.00 USD Shipbreaking Scrap Shipbreaking Scrap
2,581.56 TRY Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

EFRS'2024 9th International Iron and Steel Symposium first session completed

The first session of the EFRS'2024 9th International Iron and Steel Symposium, moderated by Muammer Bilgiç, General Manager of Bilecik Demir Çelik A.Ş., was completed.

EFRS'2024 9th International Iron and Steel Symposium first session completed

Muammer Bilgiç said: 'We need to produce new solutions, share them and be useful to each other. EFRS is fulfilling this task consciously. In this session of the symposium, we will try to contribute to our journey of solutions with new participants, new questions and new answers.''

Moderated by Muammer Bilgiç, the speakers were Manal Al Badawi from Emirates Steel, Sebastian Baumgartner from Badische Stahl Engineering, Sinan Durmaz from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, and Özgür Özsoy from Çolakoğlu Metalurji.

Muammer Bilgiç asked the first question to Manal Al Badawi, Sustainability Manager at Emirates Steel.

Muammer Bilgiç:

'Although Emirates Steel's initial technology choices were very different, it is now one of the first to follow the route of natural gas or hydrogen-based DRI production, one of the main alternatives to fossil free, ore-based steelmaking. It is a plant that has started ahead in this race. What would you like to tell us about the future in this regard?

Manal Al Badawi:

'Emirates Steel Arkan is a public joint stock company and the largest steel and building materials manufacturer in the UAE. The Group utilizes the latest innovative technologies in production. It produces a wide range of steel products such as rebar, wire rod, coil. They have a plan to reduce emissions. At Emirates Steel, we strive to reduce the impact of our own environmental footprint at various stages of our production processes.

They strive to play an important role in contributing to the diversification of the UAE economy in line with the UAE Industrial Strategy 'Operation 300bn' and Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.

Here are the pointers they should focus on:

1. They will have the use of hydrogen. The use of hydrogen aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 and other climate-damaging gases like methane.

2. They also want to have a scrap recycling system. Scrap metal is waste metal, such as vehicle parts or building scraps, which can be recycled for new products. Steel can also be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties in an all-electric process that emits very few emissions.

3. The concept of energy efficiency refers to the ability to achieve the best results in any activity using the least possible amount of energy resources. It allows us to reduce energy consumption of all kinds, including the associated environmental impacts. 4. Over the last decade, total CO2 emissions from the iron and steel sector have increased. Therefore, one of Emirates Steel's most important goals is renewable energy, such as solar energy.

5. Digitalization is the other main idea of this company. Industrial digital transformation is a strategic decision that can bring benefits such as improved operational efficiency, higher revenue and lower expenses.


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