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Why is the world market, price and news important in the steel industry?

Far East

Having the largest share in steel production in the world, China's crude steel production in 2021 decreased by 3.2 percent to 1 billion 32.8 million tons. China is by far the leader in steel production-consumption and steel exports-imports.

China; It directs the world steel markets, especially in countries such as the USA, Canada, European Union, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Brazil.

While India ranks second in world steel production with 118 million tons, Japan, which has an important place in the manufacturing industry, ranks 3rd in the world in iron and steel production with 96 million tons.

Middle East

The Middle East and Gulf countries, which have a large share in iron and steel imports, are in an important position for the European Union, South America and Far East markets, especially Turkey.


While Brazil, which is rich in iron ore, stands out in ore exports, the US steel market, which is the world's largest importer of steel and iron, has an important place in Turkey's exports like many other markets.


The country with the largest share in steel production in Europe is Turkey. The country to which Turkey exports the most is the European Union. The largest importing country in the Iron and Steel sector is Germany. While Turkey exports semi-finished or long products to the EU, it imports high value flat and special steel products from the EU.


Russia, which is in the top 10 in steel production, is among the important countries that are closely followed in the iron and steel market with its market problems and low price offers.

with SteelRadar;

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