11,134.08 TRY BIST 100 BIST 100
41.69 TRY Interest Interest
85.43 USD Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
30.44 USD Silver Silver
4.41 USD Copper Copper
106.04 USD Iron Ore Iron Ore
382.00 USD Shipbreaking Scrap Shipbreaking Scrap
2,626.72 TRY Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Blastr Green Steel designates Primetals Technologies as tech partner

Blastr Green Steel has designated Primetals as the technological partner for its DRI facility, electric steel production meltshop, Arvedi ESP line, and continuous pickling and galvanizing line.

Blastr Green Steel designates Primetals Technologies as tech partner

Blastr Green Steel is set to become a leading green steel producer with an annual capacity of 2.5 million tons.

It has been announced that the DRI facility will be provided through a collaboration between Midrex Technologies and Primetals Technologies.

As part of this project, when the steel plant and an integrated hydrogen production facility become operational, it will create 1,000 direct and 4,600 indirect jobs in Finland.

Blastr Green Steel has selected Primetals Technologies as a technological partner for a new facility in Inkoo, Finland.

Blastr Green Steel CEO Mark Bula stated, "This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable steel production and the decarbonization of the steel value chain. By joining forces with industry leaders, we are ready to drive innovation and shape the future of steel production."

Primetals Technologies Head of Upstream Technologies Andreas Viehböck added, "The production process will be enhanced with digital technologies, featuring advanced use of robotics, and employ advanced solutions for remote control to enable the highest possible level of autonomous operations, which is the project's top priority for improving job safety."

During the conceptual development of the facility, there was a particular emphasis on the use of robot technology, artificial intelligence, and advanced solutions for remote control to allow for the highest level of autonomous operations. This will result in high levels of job safety and optimization of the production process, ensuring a rapid scale-up to full production capacity and a streamlined process on the move. Additionally, numerous AI-based digital assistant systems integrated into the Central Operation Cockpit (COC) will provide operators with all the information needed to efficiently run the facility.


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