5,121.86 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
18.82 $ USD USD
€20.38 EUR EUR
8.72 TL Interest Interest
84.85 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
4.18 $ Copper Copper
23.61 $ Silver Silver
128.11 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
404.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,161.21 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Investment from OYAK in India

The world's largest alumina producer Almatis, which is part of the OYAK Group companies, has integrated the tabular alumina plant in India's Falta region.

Investment from OYAK in India

According to the statement made by OYAK, OYAK will grow in the Southeast Asian market with the Falta facility, where semi-finished products will be produced from now on.

The tabular alumina plant in Falta, which OYAK has integrated backwards, was a fitting response to the Indian government's call for manufacturers to "Make in India". With this investment, Almatis has integrated the entire tabular alumina production process in India, where it previously supported some of its production with its own global operational network and has been operating since 1995.

The development process of the facility, which is established on a total area of ​​32 thousand 300 square meters, with the latest technologies was completed in approximately 2.5 years. OYAK, which has recently focused on foreign investments in the sectors in which it operates, expects the Falta facility to contribute 40 million dollars to the turnover in the first place.

"Our integrated production facility in India is concrete proof of OYAK's power and greatness"

OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem, whose views are included in the statement, noted that the new investment of Almatis, the world market leader in the specialty alumina product group, is a result of the vision and growth strategy put forward by OYAK.

Emphasizing that they set the goal of becoming a global player while determining OYAK's vision for the future, Erdem said, "In recent years, we have taken strong steps to realize this goal in line with our growth strategy. Today, we produce 24 hours a day in different sectors, and we maintain our leading role in the areas in which we operate. "We are proud of our success. Our integrated production facility in India is the concrete proof of OYAK's power and greatness."

Noting that Almatis will increase its production volume in India, which is considered a virgin area in the refractory market, with this investment, Erdem said, "We have implemented the Falta facility in a large geography like India, one of the fastest growing countries in the world, with the understanding of 'the right investment in the right market'. Taboos to be produced at the facility. We will meet the demands of the Southeast Asian market with alumina." made its assessment.

Falta investment is just the beginning

According to the information given, OYAK's Falta investment will be an important milestone for the supply of tabular alumina to the Indian market.

By localizing its operations, Almatis aims to be more compatible with the Indian market, thus managing fluctuations in market demand more successfully.

The Falta investment is the beginning of the efforts to expand its operational footprint in the Indian market, which was once seen as a "big leap" for Almatis.


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