4,784.74 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
18.83 $ USD USD
€20.70 EUR EUR
7.65 TL Interest Interest
83.22 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
4.16 $ Copper Copper
24.20 $ Silver Silver
125.97 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
416.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,184.74 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Bonab Steel Industry Complex attracts a great deal of attention at 19th Iran METAFO

Bonab Steel Industry Complex, which we visited during our participation at 19th Iran METAFO, drew attention with its production capacities and targets. The production capacity and activities of each company at the exhibition impressed visitors.

Bonab Steel Industry Complex attracts a great deal of attention at 19th Iran METAFO

Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi, Commercial Manager of Bonab Steel Industry Complex, stated, “We aim to develop our market not only for Iran, but also for all neighboring countries that need our products.   Our products are produced with high quality, so instead of being just a local company, our main goal is to expand internationally. We have enough local demand, we are currently investigating the demands in global markets' Steel Radar reports.

It is also notable that Iranian companies are in search of new markets. Expressing that they can easily meet the demands thanks to their high production capacities although the companies are experiencing difficulties due to some restrictions. However, they believe that they are ready to overcome any obstacle if they work with the right buyers.


When asked about the factory's activities and production capacity, Ebrahimi said, "We produce 1 million tons of rebar per year. We produce our billets by ourselves. Half of the billet production is provided by our company and the other half from suppliers. Our company is affiliated with the Tourism Bank and we are a large holding that produces all of its raw materials. We transform the raw material we produce into the final product in our factory.'


When we asked him his thoughts about the low demand in the global markets and his expectations for the upcoming year, Ebrahimi showed that he is among the optimistic market representatives by saying 'We hope it will get better. There are countries at war, these countries have serious problems. We hope to supply products to these countries as well, because there is more than 35 million tons of production in Iran and we only need half of it in here; the other half needs to be exported. I believe that the production in Iran will increase in the future and the market will be better for the producers.'



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