8,000.46 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
27.13 $ USD USD
€28.91 EUR EUR
24.12 TL Interest Interest
93.82 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
23.55 $ Silver Silver
3.70 $ Copper Copper
118.06 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
372.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,678.05 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul opened its doors today!

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, the global cooperation platform of construction, which is among Turkey's carrier sectors, started today.

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul opened its doors today!

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, the global cooperation platform of construction, which is among Turkey's carrier sectors, started today.

The Yapı Fair, which will continue until March 26, brings together foreign investors and purchasing professionals with local business partners, laying the groundwork for new collaborations.

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which offers new business opportunities to the construction industry, where it creates added value, leads the development of the industry and provides the opportunity to share sectoral information with its strong content every year, opened its doors for the 44th time at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center.

The fair, which is among the top 5 in the region covering the Balkans, Commonwealth of Independent States countries, the Middle East and North Africa, will host exhibitors and visitors from all over the world until March 26.

Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul, organized by Hyve Group with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, will transfer its global network to the construction and building materials sector and create new business, partnership and purchasing opportunities.

The fair, which created a business volume of 1 billion euros in its previous meeting, brings together strong and effective purchasing professionals in Istanbul with hybrid approaches with domestic manufacturers this year. At the 43rd Building Fair, 218 invited purchasing professionals from 11 countries were hosted through physical participation and the online platform Hyve Connect. This year, when the economic indicators are expected to be the closest to the pre-pandemic period, a strong fair period is expected with the measures and suggestions to ease the transportation and movement of public policies all over the world.

44th Building Fair; Nearly 400 and purchasing professionals from 58 countries, mainly Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Qatar, United Kingdom and Greece, are in Istanbul with local business partners for new investment and cooperation opportunities. brings together.

The future of the sector is being steered at the Building Fair
Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which sets the agenda of the sector with its comprehensive event program, and where alternative building trends and tips on sustainable materials and innovative construction practices will be discussed, draws the roadmap for the next period in the construction and building sector.

ZeroBuild Summit'22, the most important Zero Energy Building event of the year, where many leaders and innovators from all over the world come together in the transformation to zero energy buildings, is being physically hosted by the 44th Building Fair-TurkeyBuild for the first time. ZeroBuild Summit'22, which will last until March 26, is held at Istanbul TÜYAP Congress Center with the slogan of 'Change Starts Here'. The focus of the fair, which will host nearly 100 local and foreign speakers in 16 sessions, is energy, environment and sustainability.

Believing in the power of design while continuing to gather all the stakeholders in the sector around current issues and innovations for 44 years, Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul has presented its participants with the Golden Magnet 'Stand Design Awards', which transforms their brands and products into a point of attraction for visitors with their 'sustainable' and 'innovative products' in their stand designs. will reward you with.

In addition to providing an opportunity to exhibit and follow the latest products and technologies in the region, the fair is supported by activities that form a bridge between creative and investor minds with its content. YAPI TECH GARAGE, which welcomes entrepreneurs operating in the building sector by breaking new ground in 2021, accelerates the sector with the products and services of 13 new entrepreneurs this year.

Within the scope of Building Talks; Innovation in building systems, innovative technologies in R&D investments, and new generation construction materials, which are always on the radar of the industry, are brought to the stage through the eyes of leading actors with their experiences from the field.

More than 30 foreign participants from 16 countries are at the fair
Pointing out that the fair made a significant contribution to the country's economy, Yapı – TurkeyBuild Istanbul Director Banu Keskin said, “Our fair; It spreads from the Balkans and the Commonwealth of Independent States to the Middle East and North Africa, that is, in a very wide hinterland. Yapı Fair - Turkeybuild Istanbul, which is among the 5 largest fairs in its region, is among the fairs that have an important share in the export item.” said.

Pointing out that the countries that are mentioned in the sector globally participated in the fair, Keskin said, “This year, more than 30 foreign participants from 16 countries, mainly Germany, Russia, Austria, China, Romania, Italy, Denmark, Czechia and Poland, are taking part in the fair. In other words, we host 314 local and foreign participants from 16 countries in 4 halls.” said.

Keskin added that visitors, as well as exhibitors, investors and purchasing professionals, had a great interest in the fair, adding that more than 28 thousand visitors from 123 countries in total received online invitations so far.

This year, too, at the fair with its rich content; In addition to the main product groups of Prefabricated Buildings, Landscaping, Landscape, Lighting & Electrical products, Structural Structure, Door-Window-Exterior, Insulation-Construction Chemicals and Interior Construction, Scaffolding Formwork and Elevator, Construction Machinery and Hand Tools are among the product groups to be exhibited. it will include.


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