9,193.69 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
31.30 $ USD USD
€33.84 EUR EUR
44.87 TL Interest Interest
82.24 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
22.71 $ Silver Silver
3.84 $ Copper Copper
115.84 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
392.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,060.77 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Steel Factories in İskenderun have restarted their production after temporarily suspending operations due to the earthquake

The mills in the Iskenderun region, where a significant portion of Turkey's iron and steel production was carried out, restarted their production after the break due to the earthquake.

Steel Factories in İskenderun have restarted their production after temporarily suspending operations due to the earthquake

Sanem Akpinar, Vice President of the Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that all factories in the Organized Industrial Zone suspended the production to determine the damage status after the Kahramanmaras -based earthquakes.

Akpınar also stated that the production has started again after the mills made the necessary checks and relieved the deficiencies, and that the full capacity will be provided towards the end of March.

Stating that iron and steel production in Turkey is 55 million tons, Akpınar said, “Our region meets one third of the production. According to the information we received, 11 provinces affected by the earthquake will occur in approximately 1 million tons of rebar per month. More than 1 million tons can be supplied in our factories in this region. Our factories have the flexibility to produce more. In case of need, it will easily increase the production. ”

Akpinar also mentioned that approximately 20 thousand people work in over 10 large factories in the city, and a large part of the workforce had to leave the city after two earthquakes. She said that they received some news that some of them will return and added: “But they should leave their families to a safe area and adjust the education of their children. Our great priority is that they start from where they left off by pulling our people back to our city. Our work is continuing within this framework.”

"There is both domestic and foreign demand"

Ahmet Alnıaçık, Quality Control and Occupational Safety Officer in the Iron and Steel Factory of Ekinciler, said that after the earthquake, all production was suspended in the factory and that the factory was carried out for the re-operation after the earthquake.

Alnıaçık stated that they started production after days of inspections and added, “The demand for rebar will increase due to the earthquake. We promised 1 million tons of steel to our government and our state which we will fulfill. We also have both domestic and foreign demand which we will fulfill as well."

Yazıcı Demir Çelik restarted its production, İSDEMİR will restart soon

According to the information obtained from the market sources, while it was heard that Yazıcı Demir Çelik restarted the production yesterday, İskenderun Demir Çelik is expected to restart soon. The market sources also added that although İsdemir has started to heat its blast furnaces, it will take time for the factory to restart slab and HRC production, but the production of billets will restart as soon as possible.


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