7,948.60 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
28.91 $ USD USD
€31.54 EUR EUR
38.86 TL Interest Interest
80.66 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
25.27 $ Silver Silver
3.85 $ Copper Copper
131.13 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
375.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,895.84 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Iron and Steel sector will meet at "METAL EXPO EURASIA" Fair on September 27-30, 2023

The Iron and Steel sector, which is strategically important for our domestic and national industry and the locomotive of employment and exports, will meet at the "METAL EXPO EURASIA" Fair on September 27-30, 2023.

Iron and Steel sector will meet at "METAL EXPO EURASIA" Fair on September 27-30, 2023

Within the scope of the METAL WORKSHOP, which will be held simultaneously with the fair on September 28, 2023 and will bring together the Turkish Steel Sector and the Turkish Industry; increase in value-added production, indigenization in industry and environmental transformation,'' Decarbonization'' low carbon consumption issues will be discussed.

METAL EXPO, which will be organized for the 5th time this year, aims to open new markets for the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry and focuses on the goal of making Istanbul an important international meeting point in this field. In 2022, METAL EXPO was attended by industry representatives from 65 different countries, with the highest number of visitors coming from Iran and Russia. With over 15,000 visitors, METAL EXPO supports our exports with 150 exhibitors. This year, with the support of many non-governmental organizations, the fair will be held on an area of 16,000 m² and in a total of 3 halls and will host 250 domestic and foreign exhibitors.

METAL EXPO, which has a very wide exhibitor profile with Copper Alloy Metals, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Flat Products, Structural Steel, Steel Service Centers, Metal Processing Machinery and Automation Systems within the Iron and Steel sector, proves that it is an important platform of this sector with the positive change of global balances for Turkey. In addition to the valuable institutions and organizations of our country; manufacturers from countries such as Iran, China, India, Russia, Macedonia and Italy are participating in the exhibition.

We expect the valuable participation of all stakeholders of the Iron and Steel Industry in the opening ceremonies of the METAL EXPO FAIR and METAL WORKSHOP, of which we are the media partner, and we hope that the sector representatives will take part in this important meeting point.


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