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26,590.00 TL Interest Interest
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2,032.54 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

EU tariffs on Indonesian stainless steel reduced exports

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Commerce spokesman on Tuesday...

EU tariffs on Indonesian stainless steel reduced exports

A spokesperson representing Indonesia's Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday that the European Union anti-dumping tariffs on Indonesian stainless steel severely restricted its exports, and the country announced its decision to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization.

The WTO said last week that Indonesia had requested consultation with the EU on a dispute over anti-dumping duties.

Last year, the EU imposed an anti-appropriation duty of 21% on imports of cold rolled stainless steel products from Indonesia, complementing the anti-dumping duties imposed in November 2021, which ranged from 10.2% to 20.2%.

"EU policy was not found suitable with WTO rules. Indonesia's exports to the EU amounted to about half a billion dollars annually, and these tariffs reduced the competitive capacity of Indonesian products," WTO said in a statement.

After the introduction of the first anti-dumping duties, Indonesia's supply to the EU decrease to about $229 million in 2021. In contrast, providing an additional anti-appropriations tax caused it to drop to approximately $40 million in January-November last year.

The EU commission said the bloc had imposed tariffs "to counter illegal state-sponsored appropriations", which it said were due to concessionary funding from China and banning Indonesian exports of nickel or.



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