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The Investment Program for the Year 2023 has been announced

While an allowance of 3 billion liras was made for 10 thousand 915 projects, of which 546 thousand 454,2 is the main project in the program, the highest share was allocated to transportation and communication and mining.

The Investment Program for the Year 2023 has been announced

A total of 454.2 billion liras has been allocated to 10 thousand 915 projects, 3 thousand 546 of which are the main projects in the 2023 Investment Program.

The Decision of the President of the Republic on the Adoption and Implementation of the Investment Program for the Year 2023 was published in the repeated issue of the Official Gazette.

The program included investment projects of organizations covered by the central government budget, SOEs, those covered by privatization, organizations with revolving funds and social security organizations. On the other hand, only projects of local administrations financed by foreign loans were included in the program.

The Investment Program for the Year 2023 was prepared in accordance with the basic policies contained in the 11th Development Plan, the Medium-Term Program for the Period 2023-2025 and the goals stipulated in the Presidential Annual Program for the Year 2023.

In the Investment Program, public investments aimed at priority sectors in the 11th Development Plan came to the fore.

Priority was given to the projects that can be completed as soon as possible from the ongoing projects and to the investments that have the highest economic and social contribution and can meet the urgent service needs by being selective to the maximum extent in the new projects in the project-based appropriation proposals and allocations.

454,2 Billion TL appropriation for the projects in the program

In 2023, a total of 454.2 billion liras were allocated for 10 thousand 915 projects, including 3 thousand 546 main projects to be carried out by public institutions.

The total amount of projects to be carried out by public institutions in the 2023 Investment Program was approximately TL 4.1 trillion. While the investments envisaged by 5 thousand 86 projects were completed in 2022, 3 thousand 607 new projects were included in the 2023 Investment Program. Of these projects, 978 were perennial and 2,629 were single-year projects.

It was planned that 62.2 percent of the investments under the program will be realized by organizations covered by the Central Government Budget, 36 percent by SOEs and organizations covered by privatization, 1.8 percent by organizations with revolving funds and social security organizations.

The highest share of investment is in transportation and communications and mining

It was seen that the transportation and communication sector investments received the highest share of the investment allowance within the scope of the Investment Program for the Year 2023 with 26,8 percent. The share of mining investments was 17.4 percent, the share of education investments was 13.5 percent, the share of energy investments was 9.8 percent, the share of agricultural investments was 9.6 percent and the share of health investments was 8.6 percent.

The total share of other sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, housing, drinking water and sewerage, technological research, environment was calculated as 14.3 percent.

Maximum investment allowance from the institutions within the scope of the central government budget allocated ones, reading 45.2 billion pounds with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Ministry of National Education with 39,4 billion pounds, 37,7 billion pounds, with the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, General Directorate of Highways 37 billion pounds, was with the Ministry of Health 32,7 billion pounds.

The organizations with the highest appropriations allocated in the SOEs were ranked as TPAO General Directorate with 76.6 billion liras, TCDD General Directorate with 28.3 billion liras, TEIAS General Directorate with 17.1 billion liras and BOTAŞ General Directorate with 14.3 billion liras.

Among the investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, urban transportation came to the fore with projects such as Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport, AKM-Gar-Kızılay, Başakşehir-Kayaşehir and Halkalı-Istanbul New Airport metro lines. Within the framework of transportation investments, the necessary appropriations were also allocated for the construction of Kayseri Airport Terminal Building and Apron Construction and Malatya Airport New Terminal Building and Permanent Facilities Construction projects.

Allocation of appropriations for Black Sea natural gas

While remarkable allowance increases are provided in the energy and mining sectors in 2023, significant improvements are expected to be made on the basis of projects.

In this context, the Sakarya Natural Gas Field Development Project, which is being carried out with the aim of presenting the 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas discovered in the Black Sea to the public for the first time in 2023, is continuing to work. An allowance of 55.4 billion liras was allocated for the project. Approximately 5.2 billion liras have also been allocated for the works in the Northern Marmara and Tuz Göl Natural Gas Storage projects, which are of critical importance for Turkey's natural gas supply security.


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