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Tata Steel UK: Blast furnace closure plan threatens economy, warns Unions

Tata Steel UK has been warned by unions that UK steel production is threatened. Leaders are attempting to prevent a major impact on the local economy.

Tata Steel UK: Blast furnace closure plan threatens economy, warns Unions

Tata Steel UK has been warned by unions that UK steel production will be threatened if they close their blast furnaces. Leaders have made a "final attempt" to prevent retrenchments in South Wales in a move to avoid a major impact on the local economy.

Leaders have told Tata Steel UK that it must keep the blast furnace at its Port Talbot steelworks open until 2032 or the company will clearly put UK steel production at risk.

Tata Steel UK, which was expected to close two blast furnaces this month and lay off around 3,000 people, decided at the last minute to listen to the unions and postpone its announcement. The two main unions, representing workers, supported the proposals presented at a special meeting on Friday, organized in conjunction with consultants, in an effort to avert the expected damage to Port Talbot's economy and stop job losses for the foreseeable future.

According to reports, one of the unions was more sharply opposed to the potential layoffs. Nevertheless, Port Talbot, which has the capacity to produce around 5 million tons of steel a year, has postponed most of the work until March to build electric arc furnaces in a more environmentally friendly approach. The plan, which will take until 2027 to be operational, is expected to require fewer workers in the in the long terms.

Tata Steel UK will close another blast furnace in 2032 and build a new electric arc furnace. According to the information received, during the period specified, the forced terminations will be minimized and will be more manageable.

According to the source, Tata Steel UK, which allegedly has disagreements within itself, is willing to work with the government, but for this reason, they are also against the division of society and the sector.


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