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31.18 $ USD USD
€33.71 EUR EUR
44.64 TL Interest Interest
83.62 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
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Ferrous and Non-Ferrous sectors announced their goals in 2023

The 2023 goals of the Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (IDDMIB), the umbrella organization of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry, which reached an export of 14.4 billion dollars in 2022 with an increase of 16.4% compared to the previous year, have been announced.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous sectors announced their goals in 2023

At the meeting attended by İDDMİB Chairman of the Board Çetin Tecdelioğlu and members of the board of directors, the activities carried out in 2022 and the targets for 2023 were shared. Expressing that İDDMİB has left 37 years behind, Çetin Tecdelioğlu stated that they can reach an export of 16 billion dollars in 2023, but with 5 steps to be taken, the sector's exports can reach 20 billion dollars in a moment in Turkey's 100th year. Noting that Turkey and the industry have gained significant advantages since 2020, Çetin Tecdelioğlu said, "The exports of our industry increased by 74 percent in dollar terms between 2020 and 2022, from $8.4 billion to $14.4 billion. We made good use of the opportunity that emerged in the world and We have had such success. However, with the decreasing effects of the pandemic recently, logistics costs have started to decline. Thanks to this situation, stable China became active. This caused Turkey to lose its competitive advantage. Our price advantage began to disappear. Despite all this, we know that as a sector, we can increase our exports to 20 billion dollars. We plan accordingly. At this point, we have some expectations from our state," he said.


Noting that they have 5 requests to reach the target of 20 billion dollars, Çetin Tecdelioğlu said:

1- We want a competitive exchange rate policy.
2- We demand the creation of sector-specific energy tariffs.
3- As exporters, we expect easy access to financing. We need long-term low-interest loans. In the meantime, it should be noted that the debts of the private sector are stuck in the 1-year period.
4- We think that it would be beneficial to quickly sign Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with the USA, Algeria and Latin American countries with high potential.
5- Finally, we want LME warehouses listed on the London Metal Exchange to be commissioned in Turkey.
With the introduction of these 5 items, we can easily reach the export we target as a sector. Because the capacity of our industry is sufficient for 20 billion dollars of exports."


Expressing that they have expectations for SMEs apart from these 5 demands, Çetin Tecdelioğlu said, "As of now, SMEs are defined as businesses that employ less than 250 people and whose annual net sales revenue or financial balance sheet does not exceed 250 million TL. It is a very agile and fast-moving country with its medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises.SMEs can access credit and financing, support and incentives faster. However, there has been a very serious increase in turnover due to inflation. Therefore, the turnover of SMEs has also increased. It would be appropriate to increase the 250 million TL limit to 1 billion TL at the first stage in order for the SME class to benefit from the support and incentives faster. used the phrases.


Çetin Tecdelioğlu stated that another important issue in their sector is the 'net exporter' situation and said: "For example, our copper and aluminum businesses cannot be 'net exporters'. Because 2.3 million aluminum transactions are carried out in Turkey. 100 thousand tons are domestic, the rest are "I mean, we have to buy raw materials from abroad. These products are processed and exported. 60 percent of the products in question go to export. When such a situation occurs, the enterprises in our aluminum and copper sector are not considered net exporters. Since they are not net exporters, TL They cannot use loans, they can use foreign currency loans.Our businesses have difficulties in finding financing to cover TL expenses.We think it would be appropriate to redefine the concept of net exporter for the copper and aluminum industry."


Çetin Tecdelioğlu gave information about the activities and future plans they have carried out since May 1, when they took office in İDDMİB, which consists of 8 main sectors such as aluminum, copper, casting, household and kitchenware, armature, metal hardware, building materials and metal packaging. In the 7-month period after taking office in 2022, we carried out more than 50 activities such as national participations in fairs, procurement committees, sectoral meetings, workshops, competitions, trade delegations, Ur-Ge delegations, fair visits, institution meetings. As IDDMIB, we aim to organize 102 activities in the 100th year of the year. We will organize our activities in a way that is equal to all our sectors and to use our resources effectively." he said.


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