8,087.24 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
28.93 $ USD USD
€31.38 EUR EUR
38.49 TL Interest Interest
78.05 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
24.51 $ Silver Silver
3.83 $ Copper Copper
129.79 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
385.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,889.62 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

With the slogan 81 provinces are worthy of Qua, we continue to expand our stores!

Founded in 2016, QUA Granite, which has become Turkey's largest and the world's second largest brand in its sector and adds aesthetics, quality and beauty to living spaces, continues to strengthen its domestic dealer network. ERT Yapı Market, the dealer of QUA Granite in Edirne, started to serve on Martyr Police Chief Ertan Nezihi Turan Street with its 6th store.

With the slogan 81 provinces are worthy of Qua, we continue to expand our stores!

QUA Granite, Turkey's largest technical granite manufacturer, continues to provide quality service to its customers throughout Turkey with its dealers. Continuing to expand its dealer network in 81 provinces with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, the new store of ERT Yapı Market, the business partner of QUA Granite in Edirne, was put into service with the opening ceremony held on Wednesday, August 16.

ERT Yapı Market, which has launched its 6th store with QUA Granite in Edirne, will offer 13 live display products and QUA Granite's granite products, which combine aesthetics and design, to the taste of customers in its store consisting of 590 square meters in total.

Speaking at the opening, QUA Granite Sales Director Yasin Erdoğan said, "As QUA Granite, we are gathered here today for the opening of the new store of ERT Yapı Market, one of our most important business partners, in Edirne. I believe that our ongoing business partnership with our dealer ERT Construction Market will last for many years. I wish ERT Construction Market, which has enabled us to expand our dealer network on this path that we set out by saying "QUA fits for Turkey", abundant profits. As QUA Granite, we will continue to contribute to employment in every corner of Turkey.

Referring to QUA Granite's rapid expansion of its dealer network in 81 provinces, Erdoğan underlined that as Turkey's largest technical granite manufacturer, they will continue to bring QUA quality to their customers through their dealers by expanding their dealer network across Turkey day by day.

QUA Granite, which continues to expand its network of business partners, serves with a total of 88 dealers spread across 7 regions in Turkey and exports to over 100 countries on 5 continents, mainly to the USA and EU countries.


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