4,983.31 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
19.02 $ USD USD
€20.42 EUR EUR
12.35 TL Interest Interest
73.16 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
3.93 $ Copper Copper
22.48 $ Silver Silver
124.95 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
448.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,211.13 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Window, Door and Glass Sector Focused on This Fair

The Window, Door, Glass sector is preparing to meet again between 11-15 November 2023 at Istanbul Tuyap Fair and Congress Center. Eurasia Window, Eurasia Door and Eurasia Glass Fairs, which will be organized by Reed Tüyap Fair Organization in cooperation with PUKAD (Window and Door Sector Association), PUKAB (Window Manufacturers Quality Union Association) and GALSIAD (Entrepreneurial Aluminum Industrialists and Businessmen Association), will be the meeting point of both exhibitors and visitors.

Window, Door and Glass Sector Focused on This Fair
International Visitor Influx to 2022 Eurasian Window, Door and Glass Fairs!
Eurasian Window, Door and Glass Fairs, which hosted a total of 60,128 visitors from 126 countries, 13,143 of which were international and 46,985 of whom were from Turkey, brought together all the stakeholders of the sector and brought together the decision-makers of the building and construction sector under the same roof.
The 2022 Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fairs, in which 543 companies and company representatives participated, brought together nearly 600 sector professionals from over 100 countries within the scope of international buyer delegations.
Eurasia Window brings the whole sector together for the 24th time, Eurasia Door for the 15th time, Eurasia Glass for the 13th time!
Eurasia Window Fair 24, where the leading windows, shutters, façade systems and accessories, profile production technologies and machines, insulation materials, raw materials and complementary products of the sector come together. Times; Eurasia Door Fair, where the products and services of the manufacturers of interior doors and door systems, locks, panels, panels, partition systems and accessories are exhibited for the 15th time; Eurasia Glass Fair, which is located in the exhibition area with its glass products and applications, production-processing technologies and machines and complementary products and chemicals, will bring together all sector stakeholders for the 13th time.
In the fairs that will be held in 2023 with the intensive participation of domestic and foreign companies and company representatives, where a large number of products and technologies will be introduced, sector professionals will have the opportunity to recognize, compare and choose the most appropriate technology, product and material for their new investments.
Make a Note to Your Calendar: November 11 – 15, 2023
Eurasia Window, Door and Glass Fair, which has achieved the success of being the biggest international fairs of Turkey and Eurasia in this field; With the support of valuable sector representatives, relevant non-governmental and media organizations, it will continue to serve the sector to increase its effectiveness in overseas markets and improve its trade volume. Eurasia Door, Window and Glass Fairs will reopen their doors to host important international connections on 11-15 November 2023.


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