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TSB Board of Directors announced the decisions taken regarding the earthquake

Board of Directors of The Insurance Association of Türkiye (TSB) announced its recommendation decisions regarding earthquakes.

TSB Board of Directors announced the decisions taken regarding the earthquake

The recommendations of the Insurance Association of Türkiye (TSB) Board of Directors regarding earthquakes affecting 10 provinces in Kahramanmaraş were announced.

In the statement on the official website of TSB, they wish God's mercy on citizens who passed away, their condolences to their relatives, and a speedy recovery to the injured due to the earthquake that affected Southeast and Eastern Anatolia regions and caused loss of life and property in many of the provinces.

In the statement, it was stated that the Board of Directors of the Association took decisions regarding the damages caused by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş and the surrounding provinces on February 6, 2023, and the decisions were listed as follows:

''In order for the damage compensation processes to be run quickly, the insured will be provided with the necessary convenience in the document supply process and the process will be accelerated, and maximum sensitivity and flexibility will be ensured in the assistance service conditions. In order to heal the wounds of the victims as soon as possible, all necessary measures will be taken for the healthy operation of the call centers of our companies, and the emergency call center numbers will be shared with the TSB so that they can be announced to the public.

Until the earthquake wounds are healed, no marketing or advertising sharing will be made to the insured in the region. Providing flexibility in the exemptions applied within the scope of health insurance for the damaged areas and your insured residing in the damaged area, minimizing the waiting periods related to the provision, will provide convenience to the insured.''

In addition to the explanation;

''We will be in contact with the TSB in order to contact the experts and agencies that their companies are working with as soon as possible, to take action about the agency, loss adjuster and the company from which support service is provided in case of inaccessible news or slow communication. Premium debts of the insured and agents will be postponed in a way that will be managed within the dynamics and decision mechanisms of the companies. Advance payment will be made as a deduction for the receivables of the agencies operating in the OHAL region.''


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