9,344.97 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
30.97 $ USD USD
€33.45 EUR EUR
43.24 TL Interest Interest
82.70 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
23.17 $ Silver Silver
3.87 $ Copper Copper
119.59 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
398.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
43.24 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Russian coal exports to China and India surge

Pyotr Bobylev anticipates over 100 million tons to China by year-end.

Russian coal exports to China and India surge

Russia's coal exports to key Asian markets, particularly China and India, have witnessed a substantial surge in the first nine months of 2023, surpassing figures recorded in the entirety of 2022. According to Pyotr Bobylev, the head of the coal industry department at the Ministry of Energy, a total of 76.5 million tons were exported to China, while India received 21.3 million tons during this period.

Bobylev revealed that these figures have already eclipsed the total export volumes for the entire previous year. Notably, the robust growth in coal shipments to China has prompted Bobylev to predict that deliveries to the country could exceed a staggering 100 million tons by the close of 2023. By way of comparison, coal supplies to China at the end of 2022 stood at 67 million tons, with India receiving 20 million tons.

The head of the coal industry department underscored a consistent upward trajectory in export growth, particularly towards BRICS nations. These countries, including China and India, now constitute 40% of Russian coal exports. Bobylev highlighted a notable trend, indicating a 2.5-fold increase in exports to BRICS nations over the past five to six years, consolidating their share to 40% of the total Russian coal exports to this group of nations.

This surge in coal exports to key partners signifies a pivotal development in Russia's economic landscape, showcasing its growing influence in the global energy market. The Ministry of Energy remains optimistic about the trajectory and anticipates further expansion in the coming months, solidifying Russia's position as a major player in the international coal trade.


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