9,179.48 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
31.13 $ USD USD
€33.79 EUR EUR
44.36 TL Interest Interest
83.30 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
22.41 $ Silver Silver
3.84 $ Copper Copper
115.68 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
394.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,041.87 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

RUPLASTICA 2023 will be at Expocentre Fairgrounds on 24-27 January!

The fair, which is have great importance for the polymer industry, directs the activities of the sector.

RUPLASTICA 2023 will be at Expocentre Fairgrounds on 24-27 January!

The International Specialized Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds area in Moscow, between 24-27 January. The plastic fair, which is known by all the participants, is continuing to host exhibitors and visitors under the name of RUPLASTICA.

RUPLASTICA fair, which determines key goals and gives direction to activities of the new year, carries big importance for the whole polymer industry.

There will be 400 exhibitors from various countries around the world who will take their place at the fair including Russia, Turkey, Iran, China, Italy, Taiwan, Belarus and Portugal.

In RUPLASTICA 2023, it is aimed that the fair area will be organized according to the activity areas of the exhibitors, so that the exhibitors and visitors can get full efficiency from the fair.

The fact that the companies that have opened a stand at this exhibition for several seasons will participate in the exhibition again shows the importance of RUPLASTICA 2023. Companies that want to explore new markets and develop their customer base also take their place in this fair.

The plastic sector, which is one of the fastest growing sector in Turkey, is gaining much more importance in Russia and in the world. RUPLASTICA visitors will be informed about various products and services of companies in the Turkish plastic industry.

RUPLASTICA 2023, which will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds area in Moscow between 24-27 January, will present many key events with many important participants from the polymer market to all exhibitors and visitors.


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