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€33.84 EUR EUR
31.30 $ USD USD
45.26 TL Interest Interest
83.55 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
23.12 $ Silver Silver
3.85 $ Copper Copper
113.89 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
392.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,100.60 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Ready Mixed Concrete Congress is on March 15-17!

Turkey's concrete sector is preparing to take part in the reconstruction of war-torn countries.

Ready Mixed Concrete Congress is on March 15-17!
Stating that they have increased their capacity for this purpose and completed the preliminary preparations, Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (THBB) President Yavuz Işık made the following assessment on the subject:
"Turkish companies will have an important share in the restructuring of Ukraine. The volume of work will be hundreds of millions of dollars. There is no stone left in the country. All their infrastructure was damaged, houses were destroyed. A process that will take maybe 10 years, not 3-5 years, is waiting for us. Turkey is ready for this both in terms of technology and capital. There is no country that can do better than us. Some countries do not have the courage to go to these regions. The situation is the same for Syria and Libya. Turkish companies will take their place in those regions as well."
Stating that the ready-mixed concrete sector has a very important place in terms of the Turkish economy and construction sector with its turnover exceeding 4.5 billion dollars and an annual production of 105 million cubic meters, Işık explained his expectations for 2023 as follows:
"There are 2 important packages announced by the public. 500 thousand houses, 1 million residential plots and 50 thousand workplaces were announced for low-income citizens. More than 5 million requests came for 250 thousand houses in the first stage. With the 'My New Home' campaign prepared for middle-income people, 100 thousand houses were targeted. There is also a demand for 340 thousand houses there. With these important steps taken to increase production, we expect 10 percent growth in the concrete sector in 2023 on the basis of volume and turnover. If the exchange rate remains at this level, if inflation falls, growth can increase even more."
Pointing out that there has been a 2-2.5 fold increase in concrete and cement prices in the last year, Işık said that this increase was influenced by electricity, fuel costs, minimum wage increase and the rise in foreign exchange. Drawing attention to two important events for their sectors, Işık stated that the fair, which will bring together the ready-mixed concrete, cement, aggregate and construction sectors, will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy between 15-18 March. Işık also added that the Concrete 2023 Ready Mixed Concrete Congress, in which the world's most important academicians and engineers participated as speakers, will be held on 15-17 March 2023.


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