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Ministry of Treasury and Finance shared the steps taken by the BRSA due to earthquakes

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance gave information about the steps taken by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş that affected 11 provinces.

Ministry of Treasury and Finance shared the steps taken by the BRSA due to earthquakes

In the post by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance on its social media account, it was stated that various arrangements were made in order to give flexibility to the debts of citizens living in the earthquake zone.

In the post, it was stated that the grace period application will be left to the banks after the abolishment of the previously determined terms for the maturities of housing, vehicle and consumer loans to be made available to residents in the earthquake zone or to be restructured, and the following information was included:

"In the sales of goods and services to be carried out with credit cards by member businesses located in the provinces affected by the earthquake, the credit card installment periods will be increased by up to one fold. The minimum payment amount will be determined as 20 percent of the term debt for credit cards, regardless of the limit. Limits taken into account by the banks when determining the card limit. In the event that the total card limit is determined by the banks to not exceed 4 times the average monthly net income of the concerned person for the first year and 8 times for the second and subsequent years, and the monthly or annual average income level cannot be determined, the total limit of the credit cards that can be obtained by real persons is increased from 2 thousand liras to 5 thousand liras."

In the sharing, it was stated that the issues regarding the use of cash, closing the purchase of goods and services, cancellation of credit cards for which the minimum amount is not paid, and not issuing a new credit card until the debt is fully paid are left to the initiative of the banks, and during the period when the card debts are postponed, the banks do not demand their receivables, including the minimum amount, and they do not request the receivables of the banks.

The password will be entered in the first contactless transaction for card payments.

In the post where it was noted that if the principal and interest payments of consumer and vehicle loans extended by banks, financial leasing, factoring and financing companies are postponed upon the request of the customers, the postponement period will not be taken into account within the maturity limits determined in the relevant legislation, "Credit rating grades to be obtained from credit customers and additional documents required to be obtained. "The supply will be left to the initiative of the banks. The periods for the information and documents that must be submitted to the banks by the companies that are subject to independent audit regarding the loan disbursements will be extended for the companies in the earthquake zone."

In the post, it was stated that the periods related to the valuation of the real estate collateral of the loans extended to the customers affected by the earthquake disaster were postponed, and the following statements were made:

"The flexibility provided regarding the credit maturity limit and credit card installment limit will be extended until January 1, 2024. In telephone banking transactions, in cases where two-component verification cannot be performed during the identity verification process, first of all PIN, security question, demographic information of the customer or other information in the bank. In order to prevent customers from using cards without their knowledge, a password will be entered in the first contactless transaction for card payments, and the current application will be maintained for subsequent transactions. It has been decided that its own shares will not be taken into account as a discount item from the core capital.

Mobile branches were sent to the disaster area for banking services

It is stated that the high risk weights applied to individual credit cards and consumer loans will not be applied until January 1, 2024 for those extended to real persons residing in the provinces in the earthquake zone after 6 February. It was stated that it was decided by the BRSA not to apply until January 1, 2024 in terms of those used.

In the post, it was emphasized that the works on the delivery of aid to the region by the public banks are continuing, and the following was noted:

"Mobile branches were sent to the disaster area in order to maintain banking services. It has been decided by the Banks Association of Turkey and the Participation Banks Association of Turkey to postpone the maturity of their debts due to banks or due in 6 months from today until 6 months from now, and to provide additional facilities to customers. Shared ATM' "It was decided not to collect fees for the transactions to be made from the companies. It was decided that the customers who have an account at their residence/workplace address or branch in the location where the force majeure occurred, would notify their customers regarding their credit risk, loan payments, promissory notes and check transactions, within the framework of the Risk Center force majeure regulation."


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