8,000.46 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
27.13 $ USD USD
€28.91 EUR EUR
24.12 TL Interest Interest
93.82 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
23.55 $ Silver Silver
3.70 $ Copper Copper
118.06 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
372.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,678.05 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

MAKTEK Eurasia Fair is expected to create an added value of 2.5 billion dollars

TÜYAP Fairs Production Inc. General Manager Ersözlü stated that the machines exhibited at MAKTEK Eurasia Fair will create value in all phases of production and added, "The fair will create an added value of 2.5 billion dollars for the country's economy in 6 days."

MAKTEK Eurasia Fair is expected to create an added value of 2.5 billion dollars

In his statement, TÜYAP Fairs Production Inc. General Manager İlhan Ersözlü said that the machines that produce the machines needed at every stage of production were exhibited to the participants at the MAKTEK Eurasia Fair.

Ersözlü pointed out that the machines needed by many sectors, from defense to aviation, automotive to metal industry, agriculture to textile, food to packaging, are produced with the machines exhibited at the fair, "The fair here is the biggest fair of the machine tools fair and machine tools in the region. The companies participating in the fair are the biggest firms of our country in their own field" he said.

Pointing out that machine tools have a tremendous contribution to every stage of production and to every stage of export as their area of ​​use increases, Ersözlü said, "At the moment, the negotiations and orders made here will contribute to the growth of our country's production, employment, and exports. That is why it is a very strategic fair. This year, there are around 1000 exhibitors from over 30 countries and visitors from 105 countries. At the same time, there are national participations from America, Taiwan, Korea, China, France, Italy and Germany. " used the phrases.

Ersözlü said, "As MAKTEK Eurasia Fair grows and the usage areas of the machines inside increase, it has become a structure that contributes to the production values ​​of our country, to all kinds of manufacturing industries, to all kinds of economic values ​​and to the economy of cities." said.

Stating that the machines exhibited at MAKTEK Eurasia Fair will create added value in all phases and sub-branches of production, Ersözlü said, "The fair will create an added value of approximately 2.5 billion dollars for the country's economy in 6 days." made its assessment.

"It is important to have foreign buyers who will invest in Turkey at the fair"

Ersözlü stated that around 1,200 machines were exhibited at the fair, and that the value of the machines was 2 billion TL, and that the machines were sold scrambling since the first hours of the fair, and this is an indication that the economic parameters are going well.

Stating that there is a high demand for machines both from home and abroad, Ersözlü said, "We see that especially the entrepreneurs who invest in the defense, automotive and aviation industries come to buy machines. We see foreigners investing in Turkey. It is important that there are foreign buyers who will invest in Turkey at the fair. There are serious visitors from Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Continental Europe." said.

İlhan Ersözlü stated that the return of the supply chain in favor of Turkey and the problems of Asia Pacific countries in supply chain and logistics made Turkey an alternative production base towards the west.

"The fact that THY flies to more than 120 countries reflects positively on our fairs in terms of visitors"

Ersözlü, who stated that the sectoral fairs for exports in Istanbul were great, said, "Every fair we have opened since the beginning of September is very popular both in Istanbul and outside Istanbul. We observe that there are especially many foreign buyers."

Ersözlü pointed out that there is a contraction in Europe and that the companies participating in the fair are trying to overcome this contraction by participating in the fairs by capturing different markets, saying "After a 4-year hiatus, the fair is now 14 halls, 120 thousand square meters, with more than 1000 people from over 30 countries. It also has the distinction of being the largest MAKTEK fair opened with a participant company."

Underlining that the fairgrounds have gained the identity of an international fairground with its qualified infrastructure and physical adequacy compared to western examples, Ersözlü said, "The fact that Turkish Airlines (THY) flies to more than 120 countries reflects positively on our fairs in terms of visitors. We can bring visitors from nearly 70 countries within a 3-hour flight distance. This makes us stand out against our competitors in the West in terms of fair organization."

"Istanbul Airport contributes to fairs"

Ersözlü said, "Turkey's reliability, no visa problem, better quality and cheaper accommodation opportunities, our richness in culture and history, our strength in the finance and logistics service sector make us stand out in the competition with our western competitors in the fair organization sector."

Emphasizing that Istanbul Airport makes an incredible contribution to the fairs, he added, "Visitors from all over the world can reach the fair center very easily, half an hour away. Therefore, we do not have any difficulties in terms of visitors. The fact that Turkey is an alternative production base for the west in many sectors has also brought our fairs to the fore. In the near future, Turkey will take away an important market of the West."

Ersözlü concluded his speech by stating that a virtual reality area was created at the fair, "Augmented reality, the adaptation of virtual reality to the industry is being experienced. Participants can now operate a machine in any factory, any machine they want without going to the factory's place. They can test it with virtual reality or augmented reality technologies." 


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