10,479.16 TRY BIST 100 BIST 100
41.57 TRY Interest Interest
83.38 USD Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
31.38 USD Silver Silver
4.67 USD Copper Copper
120.47 USD Iron Ore Iron Ore
382.00 USD Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,414.34 TRY Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

IPS Global, one of the most important real estate fairs in the world, on February 27-29, 2024!

IPS Global, one of the most important real estate fairs in the world, will be held in UAE / Dubai World Trade Center on February 27-29, 2024.

IPS Global, one of the most important real estate fairs in the world, on February 27-29, 2024!

IPS Global is hosting investors from at least 40 countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

As True Expo, we are the Official Turkish Representative of IPS Global and many companies from Turkiye have already reserved their places. IPS Global brings together the most impressive players from all international real estate sectors in residential, office, healthcare, sports, logistics and industrial, providing unrivaled access to the largest number of development projects and capital sources worldwide.

Hundreds of companies and clients from Turkiye will attend the IPS Global, which will be preceded by a press conference. The press conference will discuss what the participating companies and civil society organizations from Turkiye will do. At IPS Global, you can network with key industry decision makers, learn about the latest property trends and opportunities while networking intensively over 3 days of innovative exhibitions and insightful conferences.

To overcome the geopolitical and economic challenges facing the real estate industry and create new sources of growth, stakeholders must adapt and rethink their strategies, collaborating with new players and creating new forms of business. IPS Global conferences offer inspiration and solution-oriented tools to turn ideas into action.


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