9,312.12 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
31.01 $ USD USD
€33.67 EUR EUR
43.40 TL Interest Interest
83.33 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
22.96 $ Silver Silver
3.88 $ Copper Copper
117.35 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
394.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,022.47 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

EUROFER calls for adding scrap to the list of critical raw materials

EUROFER calls on EU to include scrap on list of critical raw materials

EUROFER calls for adding scrap to the list of critical raw materials

The European Steel Producers Association (EUROFER) has published a joint statement with Wind Europe on the EU critical raw materials law. According to the statement, EUROFER calls on the European Union to include scrap in the list of critical raw materials, because only equal access to critical raw materials will ensure the long-term competitiveness of European production and prevent carbon emissions.

Associations said that metal scrap is in short supply. Despite being critical for the successful decarbonization of the steel sector and its value chain, scrap is the most exported waste stream from the EU to third countries.

Axel Eggert, CEO of the European Steel Association (EUROFER). “The Critical Raw Materials Act should provide targeted market measures that promote local, sustainable supply chains and offer investment incentives at least comparable to the US Inflation Mitigation Act. In particular, the EU steel industry needs access to both energy and fossil fuels such as wind, as well as important raw materials such as scrap, nickel and manganese to supply green steel to the value chain. We also invite the Commission to prepare a proposal focusing on strategic commodities to move towards a "green" economy, such as steel and wind, in the context of the Green New Deal industrial plan."


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