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EU announced the details of new sanctions against Russia

Within the scope of the 10th sanctions package against Russia, the European Union (EU) started to implement new trade bans, export controls on products and technologies that can be used for civilian and military purposes, and added 87 individuals and 34 institutions to the list of sanctions.

EU announced the details of new sanctions against Russia

Those responsible for Russia's military activities, political decisions, disinformation, forced adoption of children, and the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) targeting Ukrainian civilians and infrastructure have been banned from travel and their assets frozen.

Many government officials, including members of the Russian Federation Council, 19 deputy ministers, heads of various federal institutions, and 4 Duma deputies were on the sanctions list.

Russian military leaders and two commanders of the Wagner group stationed in Ukraine, as well as companies that manufacture missiles, UAVs, aircraft, military vehicles, warships or control systems and supply them to the Russian Armed Forces, were also sanctioned.

Prosecutors in illegally annexed regions of Ukraine were also sanctioned.

Senior executives and presenters in major television channels and media groups in Russia were also included in the sanctions list.

Sanctions were also imposed on 4 Iranian citizens who took part in the preparation and supply of UAVs used by Russia against Ukraine.

Economic actors in sectors that financially support Russia were also listed.

Alfa-Bank, Rosbank and Tinkoff Bank, Russian Federation National Wealth Fund and Russian National Reinsurance Company were among the institutions that were sanctioned.

Thus, the number of people and 205 organizations that the EU imposed restrictive measures on the grounds that they took actions threatening Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence became 1473.

The assets of the persons and institutions on this list were frozen. Individuals are banned from entering the EU. Funding by EU citizens and companies to individuals and institutions on the list is also prohibited.

Within the scope of the package, new export restrictions were imposed on dual-use and high-tech products that contribute to Russia's military and technological development.

In this context, electronic components used in various Russian weapon systems such as UAVs, missiles, helicopters, as well as certain rare earth elements and thermal cameras were banned.

An additional export ban was imposed on heavy vehicles and their spare parts, various special vehicles, construction vehicles such as trailers, generators, binoculars, compass, forklifts, cranes, electronics, machinery parts, pumps, metalworking machines and products used in the aviation industry.

Within the scope of the package, an import ban was applied for some products such as bitumen, asphalt and synthetic rubber, which provide high income to Russia.

Russian citizens are prohibited from working in the management of critical infrastructure companies of EU countries.

As part of the package, a third country shipping company suspected of helping to circumvent sanctions on Russia's oil exports was also included in the list.

The package introduced new reporting obligations to member states for frozen assets of the Central Bank of Russia.

Special flights between the EU and Russia, directly or via third countries, are required to be notified in advance.

With additional sanctions, broadcasting bans were imposed on 2 Russian media outlets.

Russia: EU is killing its own economic sovereignty with its sanctions

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mariya Zakharova stated that with the sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU), it killed its own economic sovereignty and spoiled the foundations of a democratic society.

Zaharova made a written statement about the 10th package of sanctions imposed by the EU against Russia.

Underlining that the said sanctions did not work, Zaharova said:

"This will be the case this time, too. Every sanctions package shows that restrictions against Russia are a useless tool. Josep Borrell (European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy) said in the European Parliament on February 15 the impact of the sanctions. "It's hard to disagree with his statement that it's slow-moving poison. They're killing the European Union's (EU) economic dominance first."

Zaharova evaluated that the EU has distanced itself from Russia with sanctions and violated the freedom to travel in the documents of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).


Expressing that the West is applying double standard, Zaharova drew attention to the fact that the EU also included "inappropriate" Russian media outlets and journalists on sanction lists. "Brussels deliberately undermines the foundations of democratic society, undermining the principles and values on which the EU is built."

Expressing that Western sanctions undermine the global economy and food and energy security in the world, Zaharova pointed out that many countries do not participate in these sanctions.

"Undoubtedly, the threat to punish countries that will not participate in the anti-Russian restrictions within the framework of the sanctions package adopted by the EU will strengthen the rejection of the colonialist dictatorship policies of the West by the whole world," said Zakharova.


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