9,193.69 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
31.31 $ USD USD
€33.89 EUR EUR
44.87 TL Interest Interest
82.24 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
22.71 $ Silver Silver
3.84 $ Copper Copper
115.84 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
392.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,060.77 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Earthquake aid continues to come from companies

Many people in Turkey and abroad are helping to heal the wounds of the earthquake that shook Turkey. In-kind aids such as food, cleaning products, winter clothes, blankets and construction equipment and cash donations were made to official institutions and NGOs, especially AFAD and AHBAP, from various individuals, institutions, organizations, associations and business people and companies, for the medium and long term reconstruction of the earthquake zone.

Earthquake aid continues to come from companies

While Turkey mobilized for the earthquake disaster that took place on February the 6th and affected 10 provinces, companies, institutions, organizations, chambers as well as associations operating abroad provided financial aid and support, as well as in-kind aid.

A number of institutions, from energy to insurance companies, from holdings to professional associations, announced support one after another, donating their salaries or a certain percentage of company profits to earthquake victims.

These supports were also facilitated by the public. The Revenue Administration announced that in accordance with the provisions of the Income and Corporate Tax Law, all cash donations made to the Turkish Red Crescent Society can be deducted from the tax base.

The donations made by companies and institutions are listed as follows:

Ahlatcı Holding bought the Ronaldo, Bonucci and Dybala jerseys, which were put up for sale at the auction initiated by the national football player Melih Demiral, for a total of 5 million liras. The income obtained was invested in AHBAP.

Baykar donated 300 million TL in cash to AFAD.

Insurance company Allianz provided 6 million euros (120 million liras).

Kuyaş Investment announced that it started a campaign by donating 2.4 million Turkish liras, 1% of its 2022 profit, to AFAD, and invited all BIST companies to participate in this campaign.

Cengiz Holding decided to donate 500 million TL worth of support for earthquake zones. 400 million TL of this amount was conveyed to AFAD and 100 million TL to AHBAP.

Turkish businessperson Hamdi Ulukaya called on the international community to support urgently on the first day of the earthquake. Ulukaya noted that he donated 1 million dollars to the Turkey Earthquake Fund, which was initiated through the Turkish Phlilantrophy Funds, in addition to this, he would donate 1 million dollars to the 1 million dollars to be collected in the fund.

Answering questions on Habertürk TV on Wednesday, Ulukaya stated that they collected 5 million dollars in donations in the first place. Ulukaya said that this figure could reach 50-100 million dollars in a short time.

Samsung Turkey decided to donate 3 million dollars to meet the needs in the earthquake area. 1.5 million dollars of this donation will be used in cash and the remaining 1.5 million dollars will be used to support portable chargers, tablets, white goods, portable ultrasound, temporary accommodation solutions and health facilities.

Armenian Foundations Union: Chairman and Surp Pırgiç Hospital Chairman of the Board Bedros Şirinoğlu, a donation of 2.5 million TL from the Surp Pırgiç Hospital account was deposited into AFAD's account.

Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) provided 500 thousand liras in cash for earthquake victims.

Contemporary Life Support Association: It started to provide support of one thousand lira to each of the students who were affected by the disaster.

Eksim Holding: Created a 50 million TL fund.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Turkey subsidiary ICBC Turkey provided 1 million TL in cash aid.

Aid collected throughout the Netherlands approached 10 million euros.

In a bank account opened for charity in Kazakhstan, donations of more than $ 90,000 were collected in one day.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to provide 50 million dollars of support for the regions affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes.

The results of the aid campaigns carried out by various artists, athletes, associations, individuals and institutions in cooperation with the Red Crescent, AFAD and AHBAP and the donations made to the aid accounts announced by the government on the first day of the earthquake will be announced as they are announced.

Haluk Levent announced;

On the other hand, the donations made to AHBAP were announced by Haluk Levent on social media are as follows;

MFT Energy: 275 thousand TL

LG Turkey: 1 million TL

Pegasus and its employees: 3 million TL

Kinza Yapı: 300 thousand TL

Uber Turkey: 100 thousand dollars (1.88 million liras)

Tatilbudur: 1 million TL

Shopier.com: 1 million TL

Erdoganlar Aluminyum: 1 million TL

Kontrolmatik: 1 million TL

Smart Solar Technologies: 2 million TL

Stock exchange companies also made a statement to the KAP

Publicly traded companies also shared the cash donations made in their notifications to the Public Disclosure Platform.

According to the shares of the companies, those who provided cash aid were listed as follows:

Akmerkez REIT: 500 Thousand TL

Peker REIT: 5 million TL

EYG REIT: 2 million TL

Koleksiyon Mobilya: 2.5 million TL

Gedik Investment: 3 million TL

Inveo Investment Holding: A 6 million TL aid fund

Katmerciler: 1 million in cash and in-kind aid

Merko: 500 thousand TL

Naturel Yenilenebilir: 10 million TL

Investco: 10 million TL

TGS Dış Ticaret: 250 thousand TL

Ege Endüstri ve Ticaret AŞ: 1 million TL

Smart Solar Energy: 3 million TL

Hedef Girişim Sermayesi YO: 1 million TL

Seyitler Kimya: 1 million TL

Info Investment: 1 million TL


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