9,374.20 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
31.10 $ USD USD
€33.71 EUR EUR
26,590.00 TL Interest Interest
81.25 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
22.84 $ Silver Silver
3.88 $ Copper Copper
118.72 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
394.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,032.54 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Countries worlwide mobilize to help Turkey!

Many countries and international organizations mobilized for Turkey.

Countries worlwide mobilize to help Turkey!

Two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 occurred in the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş and 7.6 in the Elbistan district. The earthquake caused heavy damage in Kilis, Diyarbakır, Adana, Osmaniye, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, Malatya and Hatay as well as Kahramanmaraş. Many countries conveyed their condolences to Turkey and stated that they are ready to help.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: "My thoughts this morning are with the people of Turkey and Syria, especially with the first responders working valiantly to rescue those stranded in the earthquake. The UK is ready to help in any way we can."

We are sending a 76-person search and rescue team to Turkey, the British Foreign Office said.

Switzerland decided to send a team of 80 people to the earthquake zone to carry out search and rescue activities.

While 80 soldiers from Austria will take action to Turkey tomorrow, 25 special search and rescue teams from this country will go to the earthquake zone.

On Twitter, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said: "After the terrible earthquake that shook Turkey and caused many casualties, I conveyed my sincere condolences to my colleague Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, his country and the Turkish people. France stands by the Turkish people."

France announced this evening that it will send 139 search and rescue workers to Turkey. Explaining that they are with Turkey in this difficult time, Hungary shared the information that a team of 50 people will be sent to the earthquake zone.

Czechia sent a search and rescue team of 68 people to Turkey. It has been noted that 21 firefighters and two search and rescue dogs from the Special Disaster Response Unit (EMAK) from Greece will depart in a few hours with special vehicles to be used in search and rescue.

It has been announced that the 58-person expert rescue team of the Bulgarian Fire Brigade and Civil Defense units will move to Turkey, and the team will go with 20 vehicles equipped for rescue work. It is also reported to be ready to ship 1000 bedding sets consisting of bedding, pillows, blankets, linens, towels and other items. Bulgaria stated that it will send 1000 blankets and 1000 bed linen sets as a supplement to this aid, and an aid supplement consisting of 300 kitchen sets, 300 family-type tents, 300 heaters, 1000 mattresses and 3,000 blankets will be prepared from the emergency aid warehouse created with the Turkish Red Crescent in Bulgaria.

In a written statement made by the Albanian Ministry of Defense, it was stated that a team consisting of 7 vehicles and 53 people, including health and search-and-rescue personnel, was sent to Turkey from the Albanian Ministry of Defense and the National Civil Defense Agency.

The Netherlands announced that a cargo plane containing 15-ton heavy rescue vehicles and other supplies will depart from Eindhoven to Turkey, and that 65 people and 8 rescue dogs will be sent to the earthquake zone by another plane.

Spain announced that more than 90 rescue and medical teams will be sent to Turkey with two military planes. Some civil aid teams, such as the "Firefighters Without Borders" organization in Spain, announced that they will go to Turkey for help with groups of 10-15 people.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius also shared on Twitter that the German army is ready to provide rapid support to those affected by this humanitarian disaster.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock shared on Twitter, "We woke up to terrible news from Turkey and Syria. My thoughts are with everyone who is worried for the families, friends and neighbors of those who lost their lives in these terrible earthquakes. Together with our partners, we will deliver aid quickly."

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said, "THW (German aid organization) can provide emergency shelters and water treatment units to the camps. THW is currently preparing relief items consisting of emergency generators, tents and blankets and is in close coordination with the Turkish Civil Defense at my request."

It was noted that 76 firefighters and 8 rescue dogs from Poland will be sent to Turkey. The Romanian government also announced that it will send aid teams to Turkey.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has issued a message regarding the 7.7 magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which was Turkey.

Stoltenberg said, "We stand in full solidarity with Turkey. I am in contact with President Erdogan and Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu. NATO allies are now mobilized for support."

US President Joe Biden instructed his team to continue to closely monitor the situation and provide all necessary assistance, in coordination with Turkey, for the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş that affected 10 provinces. Biden expressed his sadness for the earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria in his Twitter account.

President Biden said, "I deeply regret the loss of life and destruction caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria."


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