9,179.48 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
31.13 $ USD USD
€33.79 EUR EUR
44.36 TL Interest Interest
83.30 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
22.41 $ Silver Silver
3.84 $ Copper Copper
115.68 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
394.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,041.87 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

Baştuğ Metallurgy has started production again

Baştuğ Metalurji, operating in Osmaniye, one of the regions affected by the earthquake that deeply affected 10 provinces based in Kahramanmaraş, ended its break from production.

Baştuğ Metallurgy has started production again

Baştuğ Metallurgy, which completed the damage assessment and repair process after the Turkey earthquake, has started production again.

During the earthquake in Turkey, which took place on February 6, 2023, 11 provinces were damaged and 10 of them were heavily affected. During the earthquake in Turkey, which took place on February 6, 2023, 11 provinces were damaged and 10 of them were heavily affected. Baştuğ Metallurgy, which operates in the Osmaniye Region during the earthquake that took place in areas including industrial zones, started production again for about 3 days. While the factory, which operates at 50% capacity, is planned to increase to 75% capacity in a short time, it is thought that it works in two shifts in order to use the raw material efficiently.

In the past days, the factories in the Iskenderun region, where a significant part of Turkey's iron and steel production takes place, started to produce again after the break due to the earthquake. Among the companies that started production were MMK Metalurji, and Koç Metalurji, which started to heat the Iskenderun Iron and Steel furnaces. Yazici Demir Çelik has announced that it has started production, and there were explanations that Ekinciler Demir Çelik would start in a very short time.


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