9,524.59 TRY BIST 100 BIST 100
45.49 TRY Interest Interest
88.76 USD Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
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117.60 USD Iron Ore Iron Ore
386.00 USD Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
2,496.44 TRY Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

87th anniversary of the ground-breaking of KARDEMİR and the establishment of Karabük was celebrated

The 87th anniversary of the ground-breaking of KARDEMİR Karabük Demir Çelik Fabrikaları and the 29th anniversary of Karabük's becoming a province were celebrated with events.

87th anniversary of the ground-breaking of KARDEMİR and the establishment of Karabük was celebrated

A ceremony was held for the laying of the foundations of Karabük Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları (KARDEMİR) and the 87th anniversary of the foundation of Karabük.

At the ceremony, which started with a moment of silence and the reading of the National Anthem in the garden of Karabük Governorship, Governor Mustafa Yavuz presented a wreath to the Atatürk Monument and students read poems and compositions.

In his speech here, Yavuz said that KARDEMİR, whose foundation was laid on April 3rd, 1937 in the paddy fields and which takes its strength from labor and steel, heralded the birth of Karabük with the blue fire it lit.

Stating that that fire echoed not only in the chimneys of the factories but also in the hearts of a nation reborn from its ashes as the igniter of hopes, Yavuz said:

"Because this story written on April 3rd is not only the story of a city, but also the story of the determination, labor and determination of an entire nation. Karabük, which celebrates not its liberation but its foundation, has been one of the most important milestones in the history of the Republic in the name of our country's struggle for industrialization, development and progress. Today, while presenting this wreath, we reiterate our loyalty and respect to Karabük's valuable past and remind our determination to walk to a better tomorrow in unity and solidarity in line with the vision of 'Türkiye's Century' in Karabük's future journey."

Speaking at the program, Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KARDEMİR, stated that the factory has assumed a leading role in the iron and steel sector of the country since its establishment and said, "It has been an important school where everyone interested in metallurgy has passed, and has provided great support to the development of our country with its contributions to the economy and employment. KARDEMİR Karabük Iron and Steel Factory, one of the biggest steps taken by our country in the name of industrialization, is one of the precious industrial heritage of our Republic."

On April 3rd, 1937, the foundations of KARDEMİR was laid as Türkiye's first integrated industrial enterprise, Demir said, "The furnace fired on September 9th, 1939 and the iron poured on September 10th, 1939 still preserves its value today as it did on the first day. We aim to carry the power we have gained from these firsts into the second century of our Republic with the understanding that 'he who does not know his past cannot direct his future'. The history of KARDEMİR and Karabük written together will hopefully set sail for new horizons from now on. We continue our work without interruption to move forward with stronger steps into the future. It should be noted that new steps will be taken together with the atmosphere created by the deep-rooted history of KARDEMİR and the diligent progress and efforts, and that the unity of KARDEMİR and Karabük will begin to serve an even more important function. Both Karabük will open up to Türkiye and Türkiye will get to know Karabük better."

After the speeches, the students who ranked in the poetry, composition and painting competitions organized by the Provincial Directorate of National Education were awarded by Governor Yavuz.

After the ceremony, which ended with a folk dance performance, the protocol members toured the exhibition "The Industrialization Story of the Republic with Photographs" in the foyer of the Karabük Governorship.


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