8,000.46 TL BIST 100 BIST 100
27.13 $ USD USD
€28.91 EUR EUR
24.12 TL Interest Interest
93.82 $ Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
23.55 $ Silver Silver
3.70 $ Copper Copper
118.06 $ Iron Ore Iron Ore
372.00 $ Ship Dismantling Ship Dismantling
1,678.05 TL Gold (gr) Gold (gr)

27. Marble Izmir opens its doors

The world natural stone industry meets at the Ore of Anatolia

27. Marble Izmir opens its doors

Breaths were held for the Marble İzmir Fair, the lifeblood of Turkey's natural stone exports. After an operational process that lasted for about two weeks, the 27th Marble İzmir Fair has completed its preparations to host the world natural stone industry at Fuarizmir between 30 March-2 April 2022. The fair, where trade started before it was opened with the sale of block stones during the settlement process, will be a hope for the natural stone industry in 2022.

The export gate of the sector, Marble İzmir - International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair is experiencing the excitement of opening its doors for the 27th time with all its splendor. This year, the fair reminds the importance of Turkey, which has the richest marble deposits in the world, as the "Ore of Anatolia" in the sector. The 27th Marble İzmir Fair, where Turkish natural stone, which is the leader of world trade with its variety of colors and patterns, meets with global buyers; continues to create new opportunities for the sector with its operational strength, procurement committee program, visitor studies, design competition and applications, and international events.

Huge operation of 150 thousand square meters!

All areas are filled in Fuarizmir, where the A, B, C and D halls and the entire open area are allocated. Within the scope of the fair, blocks and construction machinery will be exhibited in the open area, natural stone in halls A and B, marble machinery in hall C and consumables in hall D. Operational preparations for Marble İzmir, one of the largest natural stone fairs in the world, were completed in about two weeks as of March 17. The fair, which is held on an area of ​​150 thousand square meters, has close to a thousand participants and close to 1,400 stone blocks. The exhibitors consist of product groups such as natural stone, processed and semi-processed stone, marble machinery, construction equipment and consumables. While Iran participated in the giant meeting, which the industry was eagerly awaiting, in the form of a pavilion; There are also foreign companies from Germany, America, Italy, India and Hong Kong. This year, 60 percent of the C hall was allocated to the marble machinery companies located outside in the previous years, and it was positioned as the "Machinery and Machine Technologies Hall".

There was intense sales demand before the fair was opened

The number of blocks that continue to arrive until midnight on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 will exceed one thousand. Demands for natural stones of different colors and textures, which were taken out of the quarries and exhibited for the first time in the new season, have started. Hundreds of stone blocks were showcased before the fair opened. About 150 blocks of stone come to the fairground from all over Turkey every day, and they find their buyers as soon as they arrive. In addition to block stone, hundreds of types of natural stones, including semi-processed and processed, will reveal Turkey's natural stone diversity during the fair.

Natural stone, the national power of export

In the sector, which closed 2021 with a total turnover of over 2 billion dollars in natural stone, the export figures increased by 10.01 percent compared to January and February of 2021 compared to January and February of 2022 and rose to 306 million 424 thousand 769 dollars. According to the January and February 2022 reports, the economic growth in processed marble exports reached 132 million 430 thousand 574 dollars with an increase of 30.27 percent. Thus, the natural stone sector has come first among the sectors that make the most important contribution to closing the foreign trade deficit of Turkey. The Turkish natural stone sector, which is not dependent on foreign sources with its raw material reserves, domestic production machinery and counts added value for exports, will show its strength with the 27th Marble İzmir. Strong visitor studies were carried out to add value to the sector's annual export target of 2.5 billion dollars. A "Purchasing Delegation Program" is organized together with the four important exporters' associations of the sector, the Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association (İMİB), Aegean Mineral Exporters' Association (EMİB), Denizli Exporters' Association (DENİB) and Western Mediterranean Exporters' Association (BAİB). At the fair, a B2B business environment is created with the participation of nearly 500 visitors from 41 countries. Countries participating in the program are:

Germany, United States, Arabia, Albania, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Palestine, South Africa, India, Iraq, Spain , Israel, Italy, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, Slovakia, Tunisia, Oman, Jordan, Greece.

Young talents who add art to stone will be rewarded

Encouraging the sectors to produce value-added products, İZFAŞ also attaches importance to design in the natural stone sector. Bringing the stars of the natural stone industry together, Marble Izmir brought together the talents that add art to the stone and the innovative companies of the industry with the 4th Different Design Competition. Young designers participated in the competition with original projects they created using natural stone. The design that made it to the top 17 out of 46 designs was realized with the product sponsorship of the exhibitor companies. The best three projects to be selected among the products produced will be entitled to receive the "Marble Most Different Design Award" and a monetary award of 15 thousand TL. The special design plaque, which is the "Marble Collaboration Design Award", will be given to two companies, taking into account the cooperation between the firm and the designer, which is reflected in the production process. All projects that will be produced will be given a special design plaque with the "Marble Different Design Award". Designs that include products such as aquarium coffee table, speaker, aromatherapy device, and blackboard will be exhibited in the A foyer during the fair between 30 March and 2 April 2022.

The importance of using natural stone will be discussed by experts

Also, on March 31, 2022, conversations will take place in two sessions with the participation of international natural stone experts on the position of natural stone in the world. In the session titled "Man-made Materials Against Natural Stone: External Applications" Stone Expert Daniel Wood from the Natural Stone Institute (USA) presented ceramics etc. will explain the importance of using natural stone against artificial stones. The session titled “Different Uses of Marble in Design and Architecture” will be moderated by İlker Kahraman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Architects İzmir Branch. The session was attended by Prof. from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Michal Stefanowski, Stone Expert Daniel Wood from the Natural Stone Institute, Feryel Chebeane, Member of the Qatar Architects Center, and Architect Soheil Motevaselani Pour from Iran. World natural stone experts will focus on the importance of the use of natural stone and different areas of use within the scope of the 27th Marble İzmir.


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