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10 Questions for those who are curious about urban transformation loans

After the announcement of the urban transformation support package from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the answers to all the questions on the minds of hundreds of thousands of people were as follows...

10 Questions for those who are curious about urban transformation loans

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change prepared support packages for contractors and housing producers within the scope of urban transformation. The Ministry said, "A loan of 1 million 250 thousand liras will be granted with 0.79 percent interest for a 120-month term in the housing construction loan. The interest rate on the housing retrofit loan will be 0.99 percent and will be 320 thousand liras. The application for the loan can be made within 3 years from the demolition."

All the questions and answers that were asked about the subject were listed as follows;

1. What about the government support for the urban transformation loan?

0.70 of the 1.49 interest rate will be met by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, and the loan will be used with an interest rate of 0.79.

2. Is there a condition to take advantage of the urban transformation loan?

Those who have the risky structure detection made to the organizations authorized by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change will be able to apply to banks.

3. Will tenants be able to benefit?

Tenants who have been living in a risky structure for at least 1 year or holders of limited rights in kind, provided that they reside, will be able to benefit.

4. Will a person be able to use a loan for more than one building?

The total loan amount to be provided with interest support on behalf of a rights holder will not exceed TL 3 million. If this amount can convert a few apartments, he will be able to benefit.

5. Will the interest rate on the conversion loan for the second apartment change?

A loan will be given at a rate of 0.79 for the first apartment; 0.89 for the other.

6. How much credit will those who want to transform their workplace be able to get the most?

He will be able to get a loan of 800 thousand TL with an interest rate of 1.10 for his workplace

7. How many years of maturity will be made?

A maturity of 10 years will be applied for housing loans and 7 years for a workplace.

8. Will there be a time limit for the application?

Within 3 years from the date of eviction or demolition, an application can be made to banks for an interest-supported /dividend loan.

9. Does it take the agreement of all neighbors to benefit from credit support?

In order to benefit from the loan support, it is required that the building be evacuated by agreement.

10. Will a separate loan be given to 15 flats for the conversion of an apartment with 15 flats?

If the rights holders are different, 15 apartments will also be able to benefit from the loan.


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