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40.55 TRY Interest Interest
85.89 USD Fossil Oil Fossil Oil
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Veysel Yayan “We entered a troubled production process due to China”

TÇÜD Secretary General Veysel Yayan conveyed the developments in the steel industry in the world and in Türkiye at the 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference. Touching on many issues in his presentation, Yayan said, "We have gone through a troubled production process since China started to affect the world markets."

Veysel Yayan “We entered a troubled production process due to China”

The 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference, supported by TÇÜD, TurkishSteel, Parket Makina, SteelRadar and Sideridraulic System, was held with the participation of valuable names.


Veysel Yayan, Secretary General of the Turkish Steel Producers Association, who made the opening presentation of the program with his presentation titled 'Developments in the World and Turkish Steel Sector', started his speech by emphasizing March 8 International Women's Day.


In his speech, Yayan said, “I am happy to see that our women are rapidly starting to take the place they deserve in our society. Our women have a great influence in the most influential places in Türkiye. There are areas where we are much better than other countries, and I hope this will be improved further. I congratulate all women on March 8, International Women's Day. "I would like to state that I am happy to be giving the opening speech for the tenth time at the meeting that is being held here for the tenth time," he said.


“We never want to experience the earthquake images we experienced last year again.”


Yayan, who started his presentation with Developments in the World and Turkish Steel Sector, said, "We see that GDP is increasing steadily. Normally, we would like the production of our steel sector to increase in parallel with the development in GDP and remain more or less the same, but it is not like that. Our steel industry's Its course is quite different. But in general, we are also affected in some way by the development in GDP. There is one main branch of production that is not much affected by this situation, and that is the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry sector grew steadily in all years except 2019. It is a sector similar to ours. But it has continuously shrunk in the remaining five years, except for this year, which showed improvement due to the impact of the earthquake. We evaluate that it will continue to grow after this year. Because earthquake-related construction activity will continue to be at the center of our efforts, which will take all our energy for many years to come. Because we will never again experience the images of the earthquake we experienced last year. We never want to live. Whatever happens now happens inside our home. Earthquakes also happen there. We hope that such a situation will not happen again. Our steel industry also has a big share in this regard. We don't have much space in our costs. The steel industry does not have any problems in terms of standards. We send rebar to countries with the highest quality expectations. He continued his speech by saying, "To be careful here, for example, in other areas."

“We were a rapidly developing country in the steel industry in the world”


Referring to the influence of China on world markets, Yayan said, “We have gone through a troubled production process since China started to affect world markets. I hope we will get out of this difficult period soon. There is a decline of around 10%. We see that China's global crude steel production has increased by around 24% in the past decade. In fact, this is a period when the increases in China were modest. In the 2000s, increases in China were between 10% and 20%. Now, even when we said this would continue next year, it continued. In other words, it suddenly increased from 100 million tons to 700-800 million tons before our eyes. We reached 853 million tons in 2014. Then there was a slowdown, but even during this slowdown period, it grew by 24%. The world, excluding China, grew by around 4% during this slowdown period. We have become smaller. But if we consider just ten years ago, we were a rapidly developing country in the steel industry in the world, along with South Korea and China. As of the end of the year, we are the 8th steel producer in the world with 33 million 714 thousand tons. In fact, two years ago we became the 7th steel producer in the world. However, energy prices increased as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Since there was no government support in Türkiye, around 120 billion euros of energy support was provided to all sectors in Germany during the period when we applied energy prices exactly. The steel industry also received its share from this as the largest energy consuming sector. This was not the case with us. We went and met, but they were told to handle it for a while. However, we were not able to manage it. That's how we spent 2021 and 2022. We experienced problems with the earthquake disaster in the first month of 2023. There was an improvement in steel production as of the end of the year. “There was a 10% improvement in the second half of the year.” Said.


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